Goku and Vegeta: Future Angel & God of Destruction?

Goku and Vegeta, the famed Saiyan Duo, began training with each other under Whis ever since the fight against Beerus in Battle of Gods. This is when they first tasted the power of Divine energy. Since then, they’ve been growing even so profusely in strength and experience.

With every new challenge that comes in their way, they use it as an opportunity to get stronger and shatter their limits. Time and again, we’ve seen them doing it and they’ve grown so much since the time they first met…

The happenings on Beerus’s world in chapter 68

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super began with a quick origin story of Granolah and his idea of avenging the death of his people. Then the scene shifts to show us Goku and Vegeta training in Beerus’s world. Goku and Whis proceeds to inject a “healthy dose of vitamins” to cure the oracle fish’s insomnia, which Whis says it might be a bad omen for the future.

Goku gets his hopes up that a strong fighter will show up to ruin the day. But Beerus, remembering his punishment for Merus’s disappearance, reminded him that the Saiyan gets overconfident too easily when he awakens new powers. Then Goku uses his Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) technique and faces Whis.

MUI Goku spars with Whis

From looking at first glance, Goku using the afterimage technique while using MUI looks dope as heck. However, Whis, being the insanely strong character he is, quickly overpowers Goku with a single hit.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 – MUI Goku using the afterimage technique

Then Whis says something which hits Goku’s foundation hard:

Whis telling Goku not to imitate him

Goku mostly borrowed techniques from others and has not yet developed one on his own. Team Four Star describes this in a hilarious way:

GOKU: Sorry, Cell. I’m here to win! And you’re never gonna beat me with your stolen techniques!

PERFECT CELL: And what, are you gonna beat me with your stolen techniques?

GOKU: What!? I don’t steal techniques!

PICCOLO: Actually, Goku…yeah, you do.

GOKU: Whhaaaaaa? What about the Kamehameha?

KRILLIN: Naw, that was Master Roshi.

GOKU: The Solar Flare?

TIEN: That’s mine, thanks.

GOKU: The Spirit Bo–?

KING KAI: (over on his planet) Goku, I’m watching the tournament, don’t think you can pull that shit!

GOKU: Oh hey, King Kai! Quick question: Did I learn the Kaioken on my own?

KING KAI: My f**cking name is in it…

Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 58 (Cell Mates), Team Four Star

More titbits on Ultra Instinct

Beerus mentions a key piece of information that, unlike the other Gods, the Angels are always in the Ultra Instinct state. This means their consciousness always exists on a higher platform compared to other beings, especially mortals. Their thoughts are also always in check. That is why we see Whis performing insanely well, like dodging Broly so easily and blocking Moro’s huge punch with one finger.

As the Angel explains, wielding Ultra Instinct isn’t the end but the beginning. He further adds that he has a greater command over the technique than Merus but the Grand Priest is a couple of steps ahead of him. This excites Goku as he has so much room for improvement. This shows he’s keen on following the path Whis has set for him.

Ultra Instinct doesn’t suit Vegeta

Vegeta on the other hand, wants to surpass Goku by using a different route. Prior to mentioning to Beerus, even in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta said that Ultra Instinct doesn’t suit his style of combat and Whis agrees to this.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 40

Beerus says something really interesting. He mentions that Ultra Instinct isn’t the only technique of the Gods. The technique is a specialty of the Angels (which Whis would have taught Beerus). Similarly, there is a technique which the G.O.Ds specialize in as well.

Vegeta requests Beerus to show him the mysterious technique but the latter shows no interest in doing so. Sensing the Prince’s strong desire to surpass his rival, the Destroyer God invites him to observe his training session and tells him to learn whatever interests him.

Saiyans have the innate ability to copy someone else’s technique just by observing the technique in action and learning to use it on their own.

While reading this set of events, a couple of questions will enter one’s mind.

Will Goku become an Angel in the future?

As many fans would know, Toyotarou is well known for borrowing elements from fan fiction and incorporating them in the main series. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it seems the Grand Priest had trained Goku and we see the two of them coming to Earth. We see Goku wearing the same outfit the Grand Priest wears:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 – Goku and the Grand Priest arriving on Earth to join the battle against Hearts

Combining this and the developments in the latest chapter, Fans started speculating that Goku will become an Angel in the unforeseen future. But I highly doubt that will ever happen…

First of all, unlike the G.O.Ds, Angels probably are not made but are born. They are the children of the Grand Priest and so far, we’ve seen no mortal becoming an Angel. However, in chapter 67, the Grand Priest made Merus into a Mortal by stripping off his Angel powers.

People can argue that “what if the Grand Priest has the ability to do the opposite to Goku if the need requires?” There is a possibility, but it’ll require a strong reason from Whis’s side for this to happen.

The main reason for why Goku would not be willing to take the responsibilities of an Angel is because he won’t accept any position which would hinder his opportunity to fight strong opponents in a serious combat.

In Dragon Ball, he turned down the offer to become the next Guardian of the Earth.

Dragon Ball Chapter 194 – Goku refusing Kami’s offer to become the Guardian of Earth

In Super, he’d been asked twice or thrice whether he was keen on becoming the next God of Destruction and the answer was always the same:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Goku doesn’t wish to become a G.O.D

In the Moro arc, when he realized that he was obligated to finish off Moro while being a member of the Galactic Patrol, Goku went ahead and quit to fight Moro as an earthling so that he could have a good fight against the goat villain without any reservations.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 – Goku quitting the Galactic Patrol to fight Moro head on

According to Angel Law, an Angel, in any circumstances, should neither fight at full power nor take sides in a war amongst mortals. There would be severe consequences if they happen to violate the law, a fate similar to Merus for instance. Being the battle hungry maniac that he is, this would be Goku’s worst nightmare. If he was willing to quit the galactic patrol so that he could have the thrill in fighting Moro, there’s no way he would accept the position of an Angel.

His thoughts would be – using the training and tips offered by Whis, he could push himself to greater heights, aiming to be on par with the levels of Angels and even surpass them, without necessarily becoming an Angel per se.

Will Vegeta become a God of Destruction in the future?

Unlike Goku, Vegeta wants to get stronger not just to fight mighty opponents but for his pride. Surpassing Kakarot and becoming the strongest Saiyan there is are key goals to achieve. As mentioned earlier, Vegeta is not interested in using UI as not only he, but both Beerus and Whis think he’s not suited for it. So when Beerus mentioned that there’s another technique which the G.O.Ds use, he was really intrigued.

In contrast to Goku, he did not openly say no when Whis asked him whether he was keen on becoming a G.O.D. In fact, being a Destroyer God would add fuel to the fire of his pride. Comparatively, I think it’s safe to say that there are more chances for Vegeta to be a part of the God hierarchy by becoming a God of Destruction than Goku becoming an Angel. In fact, Toriyama might have foreshadowed this in the earlier chapters of Dragon Ball Super. But whether Vegeta really desires to be a G.O.D, it is still not certain.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 27 – Beerus appreciating Vegeta’s increase in strength in a short span of time

There are fan fictions of “What if Vegeta became a God of Destruction?” Maybe Toyotarou got inspiration from one of them. One popular fan fiction is Vegeta accepting the role of a Destroyer God to save his beloved wife Bulma. That was a real tear jerker.

Beerus hasn’t shown any interest in training Vegeta. He could probably give him a way to begin by letting him observe his training and Whis could probably take care afterwards. Whis trained Beerus so he knows the techniques the G.O.Ds use so, he could help Vegeta to reach his goals by pointing at the right direction.

The mysterious technique of the Destroyer Gods

Beerus startled the fan base by saying that there’s another technique, other than Ultra Instinct, used by the Gods of Destruction which doesn’t necessarily require the user’s heart to be always calm and tranquil.

So far, we thought that Ultra Instinct is the pinnacle technique of the Gods, which even the Gods themselves struggle to master. But it seems one or more techniques exist which could rival that. Beerus says by using this new technique(s), Vegeta might be able to surpass Kakarot.

Fans have been speculating that this could be Hakai, but it cannot be so. Reason being, Goku had used a version of Hakai against Fused Zamasu. So using a similar technique might not be enough to surpass the spiky haired hero. This move could be entirely different from what we’ve seen so far. We’ve not yet seen Beerus training so this could be complete new for us.

What do you think of Goku refining his Ultra Instinct? Will he one day become stronger than Whis? What is this new technique of the Destroyers? Will Vegeta one day surpass Goku once and for all? Will he be the first U7 Saiyan to become a G.O.D himself with the help of Beerus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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