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Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Does Gojou Satoru Cover His Eyes With Blindfold?

Gojou Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen

There’s no doubt that Gojou Satoru is the strongest sorcerer in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. The sorcerors around him and the cursed spirit who view him as a threat have reiterated this multiple times in the series. Gojo not only stands out in terms of his powers, but he also has a distinguishing look. The blindfold that covers his eyes has become a character trait and a stand-out feature of his.

As viewers, we get to see Gojou’s powers first-hand when he unleashed Limitless and Unlimited Void during the fight against Jogo. This was the first time we saw Satoru remove his blindfold and reveal his (stunning) eyes.

But this also raised questions in the minds of his fan club. Why does he find it necessary to cover his eyes with a blindfold? In his past, Satoru used sunglasses instead of a blindfold to cover his eyes. This was probably for a similar reason as other sorcerers covering their eyes. The situation only changed after the whole Tengen vessel incident involving Riko Amanai.

So, why does Satoru cover his eyes? Gege Akutami had revealed in the manga that Gojo Satoru covers his eyes for a different reason than that of the other sorcerers. Is it to keep his domain expansion at bay? While the reason has not been explicitly stated in the manga, it is most probably connected to his powers, especially his Six Eyes Technique.

Why does Gojou Satoru cover his eyes?

To answer the question in short; Gojou Satoru covers his eyes due to limit the all sensing powers of his Six Eyes technique. The Six Eyes technique is relatively unknown. It is a sensory technique that allows him to see cursed energy in extreme detail.

Six Eyes is pretty crucial to executing his Infinity technique to its full potential. We see the infinity in effect during the fight against Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7. By keeping a highly refined Six Eyes technique active at all times, Gojo was practically able to see through everything to the point of perceiving even people in terms of mass, cursed energy, etc. It put a toll on him.

If Satoru does not wear a blindfold, it will tire him out very quickly. Even using the reversed cursed energy on his brain to keep it fresh won’t do much help in this scenario. He has to limit his vision to a certain extent to prevent this from happening. In fact, even the glasses that Gojo is seen using in the flashback is pitch black. If normal people wear it, they won’t be able to see anything through it! He probably shifted to the blindfold because it did a much better job of covering his eyes.

This raises a new question in our minds;

Is Gojo blind when his eyes are covered?

If Gojo’s blindfold and his glasses served the purpose of completely cutting off his vision, then does he go blind? In the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbook, Gege Akutami, the author of the manga, revealed that even though Satoru’s eyes are covered he does not go blind!

His vision is something akin to high-resolution thermal-graphics when his eyes are covered. He is even able to see buildings and other non-living objects by sensing the residual cursed energy in them. This is because the combination of Six eyes and Infinity technique is always on!

But, this was not always the case.

Before the incident involving Riko Amanai, Satoru used to manually activate his Infinity and Six Eyes. There was no need for him to cover his eyes completely then. However, he felt the need to grow stronger and improve his senses after Toji blindsided him.

Toji catches Gojo Satoru unaware

Satoru’s encounter with Toji Fushiguro:

Toji was one of the most formidable foes that Satoru might have encountered. Even though he was awake, and had the Six Eyes Technique, Satoru was not able to sense Toji. Tiredness aside, this was because the latter had zero cursed energy. Satoru was not able to sense him at all and almost died while fighting him.

After this, he began training himself and honing his cursed techniques to overcome his disadvantage. He worked on using his Six Eyes technique along with the Limitless so that he could always keep the Infinity technique always active automatically with minimal resources (Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 76).

He did not want to get caught off guard again. In a year he was able to sort objects into danger levels by the amount of their cursed energy. Not only that he was also able to distinguish between them based on mass and speed, thereby detecting the harm it would cause him.

Satoru explains the infinity and limitless usage

But keeping the Infinity active always would have caused Satoru’s brain to get fried due to the excessive amount of information it had to process constantly. In order to overcome this, he also ran a self-recovery Jujutsu Technique to keep his brain fresh. When he eventually reached this level, he attained eyes that could more often see more than they see less. This made it imperative for Gojo to cover his eyes.

Another possible reason for covering eyes

By keeping his eyes open, Gojou might inadvertently shift to relying more on his eyes rather than his Six Eyes technique. This could again lead him to fall to people like Touji. So by covering his eyes, Gojou could also be subconsciously forcing his body to always be on the defensive by using the Six Eyes technique.

What are your thoughts on Gojou Satoru covering his eyes? Why do you think he does it? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!!

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