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What Happened To Sabo At Reverie? Is He Dead?

With the commanders of the Revolutionary army and the Admirals coming together, it was certain that something huge would happen at the Reverie.

And something huge did happen.

While we are still in the dark as to what exactly took place, we know for sure that the Revolutionary Army and especially their Chief of Staff Sabo was involved in it. 

This news made the front page of Morgan’s newspaper.

Judging from how the writers were hard-pressed for time and also pressurized by the World Government from publishing the news, it was certainly something very big.

What made it worse was the fact that the Morgan’s reported a fatality at the Reverie and everyone close to Sabo had reacted in a bad way to whatever had been published.

Since the details are still fuzzy, fans have been wondering what happened to Sabo. 

Did Sabo die at Reverie?

Judging from everyone’s reaction to Morgan’s newspaper in chapter 956, something bad has happened to Sabo.

But according to us Sabo is not dead. Bringing a character back only to kill him off so soon would not make much sense.

He most probably has been captured by the Marines and set for execution like Ace was. This would then set-up an arc that mirrors Marineford.

And, like Whitebeard, it would be the Revolutionary Army that shows up to rescue him at Sacred Marijoa (Mariejois). 

Sabo being set for execution is enough to elicit heartbroken reactions from the people close to him, especially Dadan and Makino.

Dadan and Makino are sad after reading news about Sabo

This is because the last time something similar happened, even the crew of the strongest man alive couldn’t save the person set for execution from dying.

However, Dragon and Emporio Ivankov’s reactions are slightly different from Dadan and Makino’s.

They are more shocked than sad, indicating that Sabo did something at the Reverie that was out of character.

This could be why Dragon says they need to ascertain the truth first.

Dragon wants to know what the truth is

Also, the World Government was trying to hide the fatality at Reverie. If that is the case then Sabo being dead makes no sense.

Because, Sabo’s death is something the World Government would advertise and not hide.

Thus we can assume that the victim at Reverie was someone else. 

What did Sabo do at Reverie?

We learn the truth about Sabo’s actions at the Reverie in One Piece chapter 925.

He and the Revolutionary captains had busted into Sacred Marijoa (Mary Geoise) to rescue Kuma. Kuma had been kept as a slave of the Celestial Dragons after Vegapunk finished experimenting with him.

The captains then clashed with the Navy Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu. 

Blackbeard tells Moria about Revolutionary army engaging the Admirals at Reverie

Ivankov and Dragon’s shock could be because they did not expect the captains to engage with Admirals.

The mission should have been carried out in secret, but it seems that Sabo got carried away and got involved with the Admirals.

The last time Sabo fought Fujitora, Koala reprimanded him for being reckless. Fighting an admiral would invoke the wrath of the whole Navy.

This would push the Revolutionary army on its backfoot as Dragon had not yet amassed the majority of his forces.

Koala angry at Sabo

Well Sabo has discovered a “fiery side” of his personality ever since he met Luffy in Dressrosa and then ate the Flame Flame fruit.

While details are still in the dark, we could assume that Sabo might have lost to the admirals due this reckless side of his.

He might have lost his cool watching Kuma being tortured and ended up launching an attack without thinking.

Well there is no way the Revolutionary army captains can defeat two navy Admirals now, can they?

Sabo a murderer?

It is also possible that Sabo is being framed for a murder at the Reverie that he did not commit. This could be what sparked his stand-off with Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

There are also theories that suggest Sabo could have escaped the clutches of the Marines. This would only make him a murderer at large.

If the fatality in question is that of Cobra (a much loved king?), then it would explain why everyone is shocked and sad about the headline of Morgan’s news in One Piece chapter 956.

Morgan did say that the big obituaries make for the best news. This means the person who died is someone very important.

Morgan says Obits sell the papers, One Piece chapter 956

This is in line with Cobra’s stature as he is king of Alabasta and also someone who played an important role in demolishing the Shichibukai (warlords of the sea) structure.

So if people are reading the headline and still worrying about Sabo, then it would only mean that he is either framed for the murder and was caught subsequently.

Or Sabo somehow managed to escape and is a fugitive being hunted by the marines. 

How things could play out in the future?

If Sabo is indeed caught, then the Revolutionary army will try their best to rescue their Chief of Staff.

And if things do play out in such a manner, then there is a slight chance that they could retrieve Sabo and escape to Wano.

It is also possible that Sabo made his way to Wano after evading the Admirals, thus setting up a meeting with Luffy. Wano is in need of liberation.

The Revolutionary army coming to Wano would escalate the already hyped up scenario in the country.

This could potentially lead up to a 4 way battle royale when the Navy too shows up.

What do you think happened to Sabo? What could have made him pick a fight with the Navy Admirals at the Reverie? Could Fujitora have sniffed him out or did he end up doing something reckless?

Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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