Will Kurama Die To Save Naruto In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Since the release of Chapter 52, the whole community is trying to speculate the next few series of events. While we’ve covered almost everything pertaining to the chapter, including Naruto’s death, Sasuke’s death, Borushiki’s role and the use of Rinne Rebirth; there’s one thing that remains; Kurama’s role. The question in the minds of readers is, can Kurama save Naruto by “sacrificing” himslef and dying in the jinchuriki’s place.

This seems like a dumb question at first, but all possibilties entailed with it, makes it an interesting angle to consider. Without wasting any time; let dive into this.

As explained in Chapter 52, the Baryon Mode uses Naruto and Kurama’s chakra to create a new form of energy. You can read more about Baryon Mode here.

Boruto chapter 52 cover

So, the question remains;

Will Baryon Mode kill Naruto?

It can, definitely. As explained by Kurama, the Baryon mode will keep working till the time either Naruto or Kurama or both of them run out of chakra; implying that maybe Naruto could survive even if Kurama died.

This can be further supported with the words Kurama used in chapter 51. During his conversation with Naruto, Kurama says that they’ll die if they use the Baryon Mode. In my opinion this is just a test to confirm Naruto’s will of dying for Konoha. Kurama does not want Naruto to do something he would regret.

Another thing to keep in mind would be the fact that we know how Naruto is. He would’ve never used this mode if he knew that only Kurama would die, making Kurama keep this as a secret.

However, Jhinchurikis die when their Bijus are extracted, right?

Yes, that’s true; meaning that Kurama’s sacrifice would become useless. But hold up! If you remember well, Kushina did not die after Kyuubi was extracted out of her, right? In fact, she even helped Minato in the fight and kind of restrained the nine-tails! All because of the Uzumaki Clan’s humongous life force and vitality!

Kushina’s chains around Kurama to restrain his movements.

Also, did you forget about the fact that Naruto has a small amount of chakra from all the other eight tails? This is enough proof to convince anybody that Naruto will survive if Kurama decides to sacrifice himself.

If this happens, then what about Kurama?

While this question may seem a little odd, many may have forgotten that the Bijus are made out of chakra, meaning that they can also come back after “dying” after their chakra rejuvenates in time.

However, it is important that the Baryon mode feeds off of their own chakra and not the chakra they use, which is present in their surroundings, as stated by Kurama himself.

This very well means that if Kurama completely runs out of chakra, he may seize to exist. Still, there’s one thing that Kurama can do; separating a small portion of his chakra from himself would create another Nine-Tails in itself, meaning that he could be brought back. However, it is not clear if Kurama can afford to do that in the current situation he’s in.

If Kurama does die, then how strong would Naruto be?

While Naruto is quite formidable by himself, the loss of Kurama’s massive chakra reserves and power, loss of the sage of six paths chakra and all other power-ups would make him significantly weaker. He would still be one of the strongest shinobis in the world, but won’t be as big of a threat as he used to be.

It is almost inevitable for Naruto to go through another character arc, where he would have to come in terms with what has happened, he and Kyuubi had become amazing friends, the opposite of how they were before and would reminiscent about his bittersweet memory with the Nine-tails.

He would also have to create new, replacement jutsus for his previous jutsus, as he lacks the power he had before like his sensei, Kakashi Hatake.

A weakened Naruto completely opens up the possibility of Isshiki successfully infusing a Karma seal on Kawaki as well:

Assuming that Isshiki wouldn’t be able to reincarnate into Kawaki directly, a Karma-manifested Kawaki would be strong enough to seal off a terribly weakened Naruto, who has little to no chakra left. Then, he could either deal with Borushiki and Sasuke right away or escape and take his time and reincarnate into Kawaki completely, to rain destruction onto the ninja world.

Personally, I believe that this route has the highest probability of happening and connects quite well with the first chapter of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

With Chapter 53 releasing in just a few days, fasten your seatbelt and get ready! Nobody knows what will actually happen! Stay tuned with us as we cover every aspect of the Boruto manga while you can read it for free on Viz!

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