The First Time I Saw You

Authors’ Note:
This is a genre I’m comfortable with and is based on a dream(lol) and very very few IRL facts with Female POV. Currently, I’m making a lot of assumptions while writing it, so if something feels off,
you should definitely blame my thought process and knowledge. xD
Last but not the least, criticism always welcome. :3 Hope you have fun!.(Now that I think about it this will be rushed Glossary included at the end)

Genre Selected: Romance

Characters I’ll be playing with:
Sharon D’Souza: Female MC
Varad Mehta: Male MC
Sharon’s’ Close Friends: Madiha Khatri, Thomas Brown.
Varad’s buddies: Thomas Brown, Ashfaq Shah, Prakash Jadhav.
Varad’s Sister: Gunjan Mehta
Varad’s Jealous Ex: Pankti Somnani

Hie! this is Sharon. And this is my story:
I’m a grown-ass 21-year-old woman as I like to say it because I definitely look too young for my age.
Which by the way is so not true!
With those “abs”(flab) and chicken-like thighs, it’s impossible.
My face is the only best-selling feature.
Probably the only reason I was hired in a music-based industry…
Because you know what? at the end of the day, someone needs to be a laughing stock to remove your pent up frustration.

I have had my fair share of body shaming, having weird-ass pet names and they haven’t affected me much. But this song always plays at the back of my mind like a broken record: “If I was thin …”. It’s not like I haven’t done things, I tried Zumba, Tanabata, and even Power Yoga for that matter. I was also quite athletic in my college days.No one can surpass me at running while catching a bus which I’m just about to miss. Period.

But when it comes to eating my favorite food, I just can’t control my selves;-;
So even if I did lose some weight, I needed up gaining it back or double.
My mom was very supportive in that matter and always tried to keep me healthy mentally and physically, Even when I had stubbornly decided to follow the “Strict Water Diet” Plan for 2 weeks at a stretch. I definitely couldn’t pull it off, for that matter I don’t think anyone can.

The first day in my company was no less of a disaster, Just as I entered inside the building, I could hear people whispering stuff about me.
“Wow, so that’s the specimen they decided to hire!”
“Isn’t she too plain to come in looking like that?”
“IKR (wicked laugh)”
Looking all sexy and glamorous with full-fledged make-up, pointy stilettos, branded clothes, and whatnot.
Looking at myself, Plain off-white formal top with a comfortably loose black trouser. A mini shoulder black bag.
A hint of pale pink lipstick which goes with my fair skin and all my hair pulled up in a tight bun.
Well, I look decently professional and that’s what matters right?
And GOD I was so wrong!
The department that I was assigned to was literally a Human Zoo in the name of Fashion!

Guys with Face tattoos, Drag Queens, half nude, Emo, hairy as a bear, also completely hairless not even eyebrows.
Gals, on the other hand, were into septum rings, Silver Glitter body paint all over her body with a satin golden jumpsuit, rainbow hair highlights and even schoolgirl looks.
My eyes were sparkling, a hint of shock and happiness was visible on my face which the HR immediately grabbed on to!
“Not the kind of expression I was expecting. We did a good job in hiring ya.”.
I miserably failed on putting up my lady gaga poker face to hide my embarrassment.
She chuckled at my mishap of attempt and patted me on my back “Your Team Manager is away for the moment. Let me show you your desk”.
I nodded like an excited child who is about to get her own room and pets.

My desk was a cramped up cubicle with a pre-configured Dell Laptop.
HR: “Please introduce yourselves to your new team member- Sharon. Sweetie, if you have any issues, you can always find me in the room next to reception.
Don’t harass her OK? Ciao! Best of luck gal!”.
I let out a big sigh of relief and went on to sit on my comfy rolling chair. I removed my diary and a pen and stuffed my bag into the lower drawer attached to the computer desk.
, to look at my team members, The guy sitting on my right-handed me a happy dent and told me that his name was Thomas.
Evidently, he’s a lefty, with beautiful hazel brown eyes that go perfectly with his brown highlighted spikes.
As soon as I noticed it, I couldn’t help my selves from blurting out:
Me: “Is that a FairyTail Natsu Tattoo?”.
His sparkly eyes lit up with enthusiasm,
Thomas: ” You a FairyTail fan?”.
I nodded my head in excitement
Me: “Erza in Heaven Wheels Armour is my favorite!”.
He mockingly pinched my right cheek saying
Thomas: “We are going to get along so well!”.
“The one on your left is Maddy, Madiha we just found a rare Pokemon”.
I turned on to my left to find a petite doll-like creature with side buns. She grabbed both my hands saying “Hey Sharon, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Hope we get along!”
I smiled at her saying, “You remind me of Pucca!”. She blushed and whispered in my ears pointing towards Tom “And that’s my Gara”.
Having guessed what his Pucca must have apparently said, Gara blushed heavily from head to toe.
Me: “I feel so bad now being the divider in between you two”.
Thomas explained, “Don’t worry dude, U actually are protecting us from the scornful looks of our Department.”.
So apparently office romance was allowed in the department but u would be judged for it. It was tough for these guys.

Slowly and steadily all the anxiety and nervousness had been erased from my mind. I reminded myself ,
I was a part of this zoo.
All that was left for me to do was grow up a pair of cat ears and whiskers and go on Mrawr Rampage mode.
I took a washroom break and opened my bun to let out my wavy dark black shoulder length hair.
I tousled them and decided with a side partition as my go to look.
I felt confident.

While returning back at my desk, I happened to dash my shoulders into a fairly muscular guy. He had a mini white polka dot on a black formal shirt on paired with off-white jeans.
Clean Shaved, black jet crew cut hair, green emerald eyes, plump reddish-pink lips with a hit of Vaseline on them maybe? I was mesmerized.
Irritated he stepped back to look at me scornfully. His expression changed into a sort of awe as we locked eyes for a few seconds. I could have kissed him there and then.

He chuckled and broke this dreamy fantasy playing in my mind and patted on my shoulder.
Varad: “So you are Sharon right? I’ll forgive you because you are beautiful.” He said poking my left cheek.
Flushed, I managed to blurt out a muted thanks and immediately bowed my head down into a flustered “Sorry”. He easily waved away his hand saying “Naah. It’s alright” and left from my field of vision.
I somehow managed to find my seat in that mesmerizing state, To find my teammates literally checking me out from head to toe.
“You really are pretty inside out!”Thomas exclaimed. “Didn’t I tell you so Kutta?” retorted Madiha.
Me: “Enough you guys. You are making me blush more. Thank you >////<“.
Pankti: (Throat Clearing sounds)” Hello Sharon, This is Pankti I’m your team manager. I know you have already met your team members. Currently, your job is to design logos for record labels. Which will be forwarded
From the Musical Team. Thomas will guide you with it. Madiha gives special effects to the logo and finalizes it with the client. You will also learn to do it slowly from her.

If you have any issues or doubts, first clarify it with them and then only come to me. Is this much clear?”. “Yes, Ma’am” both in unison. I also uttered a “yes ma’am” in the lower octave.
“Be more confident”, she says. We all look at each other and shout like solders “Yes ma’am”. Thomas even pulls up his hands in a salute to our commanding general.
“Good,” she says and slaps Thomas’s left hand down. She’s just about to leave when Madiha pulls me close and says:
“Blush more huh? You talking about Varad na?. We witnessed your encounter with him”- Madiha
“And I heard it too. He called you beautiful didn’t he?” added Thomas.
I turn into a tomato again.
“You can aim for him you know, he’s single” Thom adds in.
Just then I feel a strong pull on my collar from the back, which manages to rip out my first shirt button.

I’m shocked and turn to witness my boss scornfully looking at my shocked angry face.
“Let me remind you, Just because it’s your first day I am being very calm about this but there are some rules you will have to follow before working under me.
Rule no. 1: You will not leave your hair open in the office premises”
Rule No 2: Buy some proper fitting clothes and come decently dressed. These loose clothes will not do
You should be able to pull off skirts and dresses well.
I don’t think you can do it in your current state.
Loose some weight will you?
Rule No 3: No eating around your cubicle.
Rule No 4: No gossiping
Rule No 5: You will have to follow my orders without questions”
(Imbibe) them in your mind.”
She leaves calmly while bringing everyone’s attention towards me. That hurt a lot being insulted in front of everyone on my very first day . I hold back my tears looking towards my plain black ballerina formal shoes.
This is messed up I wanna leave.
What was it that I did wrong?”

I cover my open shirt to hide my openly visible cleavage when Madiha grabs her sewing kit and pulls me up to the washroom.
Madiha: “I’m sorry I should have been more careful.”
Me: “No Mads it’s not your fault. Don’t be sorry” I wipe my half formed tears.
Madiha: “Yes It is dear, You see Pankti is Varad’s jealous ex. She only had initiated the breakup with him because of some misunderstandings and trust issues.
Oh yes! That perfectly made sense. “But why do you know so much about them?”.
“Ah lets discuss that later when we go for drinks after work what say?”as she hands me my formal with perfectly sewn front button.
“You are a life saver! I’m totally up for it! Thank you so much” and I hug her. I tie my hair back up into loose bun.
“yeah lets bitch about her together. Also, if we don’t hurry up, Thomas will sulk more.”
I chuckle and we literally find Thomas sulking with puppy eyes saying “I wish I was a girl”. We laugh together and get back to work.

After finishing our work in office we share our contact details with each other.
“So girl lets go!” says Madiha. I gladly oblige.

I stuff my bag hurriedly and follow them both.
It feels so good finally getting out of the eye zone of that Hitler boss of mine.
So as I try to clear my mind from all the mess, I find myself standing in front of a 4 storied full sexy blue glass building.
“Wait are we gonna have drinks over here? The name is also weird” – Cool Vibes.
“What are you waiting for? lezz go!”I’m being pulled by these skinny-fit munchkins.
When I notice a chick gal stepping out of a Jaguar,” God that car is sexy and so was the lady.
She kisses her boyfriend I assume on his cheeks and bids her goodbyes.
I SO wish I could pull off that black body-con dress and shoo away those thoughts immediately.

We go to the first floor which has a big cafeteria like place which is attached to a Gym named: “Confidence”.
That title is something that I seek. We grab a seat and are greeted by a 6 feet approx-ish waiter, with a checkered B&W bandanna.
Benji: “Here’s your usual love birds and a Cafe latte for the cute lady.
I see you are new here, This one is on the house” he says with a wink.
Me: “But I didn’t order this?”.
Benji:”We serve drinks here to the customer on the basis of the image that give out.”
I think to my self, haven’t I read this in a manga? So places like these do exist!.

I big smile is formed on my face as I look at the cute cat art with pink blushed cheeks and whiskers on my latte.
I utter a loud “thanks babe” with a wink right back. He’s shocked but answers me with a heart sign.
“Dude you are a natural!” exclaims Thomas.
I grab my mobile to take pics of this insanely cute creature when I notice:
Me:”Are you too drinking protein shakes?”.
Madiha replies with “Today mine’s a birthday cupcake flavor and Tommy got Nutted Vanilla flavor”.
Thomas: “That guy really is perceptive. You can aim for him you know?”
I roll my eyes, I mean he’s cute okay? But I’ve already locked my target.

“She’s definitely thinking about Varad. Ben boi doesn’t stand a chance Tom” says Madiha and pouts.
“Well Varad here is the manager of the Musical department and also a part time trainer in here”: They point out to the gym.
Wait what? Is that the reason you both brought me here? To spy on him?”
“No no LOL. We want you to join in with us dude!”
Gym is something that I was scared to go to. It not made for me.
Me:”Guys this is something I’m quite scared of. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle hard-core training.”
Madiha: “hey Sharon chill, The gyms quite cool. They give you free sessions for experience before you join.
Dude! if ou can manage to do Zumba, Gym-ING is not that hard.”
Thomas: “Finish that catso fast and we’ll give you a tour for free “.

I click a pic before I gulp down that froth cat. The aroma of the freshly ground coffee is quite satisfying.
And suddenly a dash of strawberry hits my taste buds.
I did not expect that. It tasted heavenly!.
We enter the gym together.
The gym is clean with well maintained equipment. I glance across to find different kinds of people working out.
The ambiance was calming yet the music playing on was fit for the environment.
I was nodding my head to the “Animals by Martin Garrix”.

When suddenly, Thomas and Varad violently bang on each others opposite shoulders, grab each other’s right hands in a kind of arm wrestle stance and hug sideways.
My mind can’t register that bro code dance and my mouth opens in a WHAAA(T the hell just happened)?.
Madiha closes my mouth, “You are not the only one LOL. I had difficulty in adjusting to this too!
I still can’t XD. Should we come up with our own sis code too?”
“Why not LOL”.
We have a hearty laugh.

Varad: “Hey Ladies, that’s rude you know.”
Me: “Varad we weren’t laughing at your dance.”
varad: “I saw my ex lashing out on you today, What did you do to bring out the king-kong in her?”
Me: “Oh”. “Thats why…” is all that I could manage to speak after absorbing the Mysterious word in Mathematics ‘X’.
“Wait do you want me to read your mind here?” blurts Varad.

Madiha subs for me here: “She thinks Sharon here flirted with you because I blabbered some nonsense.”
varad-“Now that I think about it, she definitely did”.
Me- “huh? Helllooo? Wasn’t that you? Do you have short term memory loss?”.
Varad-“ok Ok. My bad lol. I seriously can’t figure you out. Do you suffer form Multiple personality Disorder?”
Me- “Ye you never know, when I might turn into an Anaconda and gulp you down”
Varad- (laughs)” A Feisty Pokemon indeed.”. “So hey are you joining the gym? I’m a part time personal trainer here”
“I could offer you a discount”. “Do you have a goal in mind?”
me-(counting my fingers on each sentence)- “I wanna be thin.
No actually ,
I want to feel confident and pretty overall.
I don’t want people to judge me looking at my face and then my body.
Pull off sexy clothes and save money too!.
Eat without being mocked at and also be fit and healthy.
And Find a sexy boyfriend”
Varad- “(Chuckles) Well why not, I guess you have already made up your mind”
Actually I had and I found it surprising, I mean it wouldn’t hurt to try.
And i could stalk Varad openly LOL.
Varad- “I hope to see you soon here mate! Gambatte” He bids his farewell to us.

Thomas- “She so smartly hogged him all for herself. Didn’t she maddy?
Madiha- “Didn’t Varad actually ignore us? We were here too right?”
I roll my eyes again, these guys and their drama.
I try to change the topic “So is Varad an Otaku?”
Thomas-“Yep! he’s into cosplay too like Madiha”
“Oh so thats why the sewing kit!” I exclaim
Madiha- “Oh its’ not that but for situations like yours, I like to keep it handy”
Thomas-” Yea she’s sewn many buttons for me too! Anyways I’ll leave my bae with you for now”
Madiha and I tour around the gym checking out: sweaty shirtless guys (Oops not that)
the thread mill area, Yoga lounge, Weights section, Zumba room, locker room, bathroom and a sauna too.
I went with madiha to the inquiry office about the fees and time slots available to train.

I registered for a free trial session which would be given by Madiha’s trainer Ashfaq Shah, a full type body trainer.
He specializes in helping you enhance specific parts of your body. Madiha was focusing on developing abs for cosplaying Erza in Japanese Cloth Armor Form.
Thomas was training with Varad for developing his muscles as he was bit skinny.

I asked Madiha to accompany me for buying clothes and shoes required for Gym after her session was over.
We roamed around in the shopping mall in the same building, and ended up buying
2 sports bras along with matching sports tees with quick sweat wick, 2 compression tights, a pack of seamless undies and a safety glove.

I also bought skin-tight black jeans and an over knee pencil skirt to please madam Hitler sama.

Varad and Thomas:
Thomas: “Are you checking out my teammate?”
Varad: (Looking at the excitement on Sharon’s face after seeing the Zumba room) “Yes” “Huh” “uhh yeah hell yeah dude”.
Thomas: “Shes’s cute right? Why don’t you try hitting on her? She seems interested in you”
Varad: “Oh well I noticed that but I’m not quite ready for a relationship.
I just wish I had never dated Pankti”

Thomas: Same dude same.

I wake up a bit early to shave my legs, my mom is happy looking at my enthusiasm.
My dad is busy as usual, reading his newspaper and thinking about his students if they have passed or not.
I feed minty, my cat some thawed mackerel heads.
And dress up for my office in a tucked in voilet blouse with frilly sleeves and black pencil skirt.
I pair them up with a plain silver locket with a pale purple diamond shaped gem and silver leafy earrings.
French braid my hair and create small winged eye and transparent lip gloss highlighting my naturally pink lips.
I pack my gym clothes along with a towel and a water bottle for the gym session in my black side purse.
Dad: “It’s been so long I’ve seen you in a skirt dear, It looks good on you.”
“Thankyou so much dada!” I hug him and my mom and leave for office.

“This time everyone’e eyes are on me when I enter the department office.
There’s murmur but I surprisingly hear praises.
My team mates, smile at me and compliment me on my looks.
I catch Varad stealing a look at me. he mouthed “Sexy!”
I chuckle and I mouth a Thankyou with a wink.
He acts like he’s been stabbed with a knife in his heart and mocks falling on his desk.
Pankti pats my back and compliments me on my look this time which is still shocking.
I feel more confident and happy.

I wish life was always this easy and satisfying.

In the gym I tie my hair into a pony tail and change into a black tights paired with red wine- sports tee with black sports bra on the inside.
Ashfaq decides that today would be a leg day session basically,
He suggested that I go for overall weight loss and if I wanted to build some muscles he could teach a few exercises too.

We started with some stretching exercises for loosening muscles.
He instructed me in performing variations of squats, lunges, planks, and bridges.
I also tried the weighted leg press machine.
He noticed that I got tired very quickly and gave me sufficient breaks to regain my breath.
I was extremely tired after the whole workout but also rejuvenated at the same time.
I went to the toilet to freshen up and changed into my office clothes.
The pain in my legs was more evident by now. Before I could decide to take a taxi, Ashfaq advised to follow my usual routine.
“Sharon , I think you can do anything when you make up your mind.
People usually take it easy in the training session but, I enjoyed working out with you.
You didn’t give up in between the sets. So Please don’t give up now and make your body experience laziness.
I’m not telling you to strain yourselves,just take it slow for today.

I finally decider to join the gym and start training under Ashfaq along with Madiha and Kirti.
I get my measurements done to check for my progress.

The first few days my whole body starts aching. I continuously stretch my legs on my office desk and slide down my chair.
Kirti sits just opposite(facing forward) to my desk so whenever my leg accidentally touches hers she kicks mine more forcefully and this game goes on forever XD.
Currently my progress with Varad is that, I have lunches with him…
and yes obviously along with the common gym members.
We recently had a team bonding picnic in a Arcade game center.
We danced on “Ankh Mare” together. And also a sang “Two is better than one” in karaoke room.
I bowled for the first time and ended up with a strike!

I have started getting accustomed to Ashfaq’s workout routines and lost 5kgs in a month.
On Weekends, I prefer going to Prakash’s Zumba classes Which are intensely crazy dancing sessions with only 10 mins break in an whole hour.
The thing that I like about zumba is that you have fun dancing while loosing weight. And also the song selection in gym is not based on a language.
We also danced a day on a Telgu song “Karabu” and “Aa Ante”.

varad and i were dancing together in a zumba session on “level Up by Ciara”
It was hilarious looking at Varad haphazardly move his butt and act like Ciara instead of following his bestie Prakash.
He got a good amount of spanking from Prakash too XD.

I gather all my courage and go to Varad to ask him out for a Coffee.
Me: “Hey varad, are you interested in a cup of coffee with me?”
Varad: “Yeah sure! Why not? Pucca and gara are coming too right?”
Me:”I actually wanted it to be just the two of us”
varad:”Oh”. “Actually” (Takes a long break and sighs”
Before I could open my mouth, he calls ‘Gunjan’ to his side and introduces us.
Varad: “Actually I had forgotten, I have a date today with my wife. Meet Gunjan. Gunjan this is Sharon my office collegue, the one that I told you about”
Flabbergasted I look at him shocked in Awe and apparently Gunjan is doing the same thing.
Madiha and Thomas would not lie to me like this.
Was Varad really married? I never saw a ring. Well true it’s not compulsory to wear the ring but is he lying to me?
Embarrassed and shocked I managed to look at Gunjan and forcefully blurt out a faint:
“It’s nice to meet you” and then it struck me,
On my very first day in the gym building, I saw a lady in black body-con dress.
She was the same person!
For sure she was with someone else that day.

I just guess that luck is just not on my side and happiness is always momentary.
“I’m sorry I didn’t know. I’ll leave you two together. Have fun on your date.”

I fake a smile and rush to the locker room.

Varad and Gunjan:
Gunjan waits for me to leave out of their eye zone and turns facing towards varad and Slaps him hard on his face.
Gunjan: Dada, you could have done much better than this.
Isn’t she the one you have a crush on?
Why did you have to break her like that?
Let me just go right now any explain the whole situation to her”
Varad: “Please don’t. I just don’t feel confident enough to be in a relationship after”
Gunjan cuts him off here.
Gunjan:”I don’t wanna hear that ||bitch’s|| name anymore. She cheated on you and blamed you for her loss of feelings?
That’s bullshit. Not all girls are like her. You need to open your eyes brother.
For now I’ll promise that I won’t open my mouth. Just get out of this situation fast and tell her the truth”

Varad: “I promise Sis I’ll do better”

Thomas follows me in desperation having witnessed the whole situation.
Thomas: “Sharon please don’t cry. Varad lied to you. He’s not married..”
I stop him then and there.
“I know he did. I have seen That lady, Gunjan with someone else. Can we please drop this topic?
I don’t wanna know any more details.
Varad just made his intentions clear.
He doesn’t want to date me (sobs harder).”

I rest my head on Thomas’s right shoulder and sob softly venting out my anger and sadness.
He gently carcasses my head and says Sorry to me.
I nod my head into a no and dig my head deeper into his shoulders.
He hugs me and Madiha hugs me from behind.
I calm down a little and Madiha leaves to pack up my bag.
When I’m just about to raise my head I catch a reflection of Thomas and Varad facing each other.
Thomas signals Varad that he’s dead by sliding his thumb across his neck.
I feel blessed to have a brotherly figure like Thomas in my life.

I finally raise my head and wipe my tears to face Thomas and thank him.
And I turn to see no Varad which is assuring in it’s own way.
Stubborn as I am, I decide to go up to his fake wife Gunjan and apologize to her for checking Varad out.
And I promise to her that I won’t do it any more.
She taken aback for a while and hugs me and telling she’s happy to find an honest person like me and she’s like to be-friend me.
Surprised at her reaction, yet I decide to give this a try.
I mean I could always find other guys.. maybe much hotter than Varad.
We kinda hit it off here as good friends.
I find out that she’s actually an Itou Junji Manga fan and we recommend mangas to each other.
We pick out sports gear and wear for gym and trendy office wear together.

Madiha and Thomas are actually not so happy at first with my decision but seeing me get back to my bubbly attitude they give up on that thought.
I still assume that she’s Varad’s best friend and I don’t want to know .I don’t care.
Yes! That’s the attitude I wanna keep in case of Varad and his personal matters.

But I always freeze up whenever our eyes meet and I try to avoid him whenever he tries to talk to me.
I just don’t have the confidence to face up to him like earlier because it hurts every time I see his face.
It reminds me of his lies and my heart sinks.
One day I just clear my mind from all those provoking thoughts and go up to Varad and ask him what he wanted to talk to me about.
This time he calmly replies, that he’ll let me know when it’s the right time.
And that he wished to get back being good friends as before.

I frankly tell him that it will be impossible for me to behave in that manner completely.
But as time passes by maybe we could come back on the right track and make things right.
We decide to let the flow be written on it’s own/

While training my abs, I was in a bridge position when someone accidentally drops his water bottle on my belly.
The impact of the fall is quite strong and I was just about the give up my grip on the ground and crash by back.
Varad slides into the space between the ground and by back and breaks my fall.
I fall violently on Varad and realize that I haven’t broken anything.
I try to move away quickly to give him space but he forcefully picks me up and takes me to the First Aid Kit box.
He asks where it hurt and sprayed the Relief spray on that part of my belly.
He gently covers it back and asks me to take the rest of the day off.
I ask him if he’s hurt, when he winces as he moves his left shoulder.
I decide to drive his car and leave him to his house.

Thankfully the directions are already auto fed into the GPS Navigation system of his car.
I drive him towards his apartment asking for his room no and keys. Surprisingly he doesn’t live with his family.
They were divorced and now had separate families of their own.
I help him change his top and ask him to rest.
He’s sweating a lot. I try to find his family doctor’s name in his mobile and call him up in panic.
I explain the whole situation to the doctor.
He tells me to calm down first and and that he could have caught a fever.
If he could move his arm a bit then the situation is not that serious. It’s just that his muscles were pulled.
After massage and a few medicines and he would get better in a few days.
The doctor prescribes some medicines to be given to Varad and assures that he would recover soon.

I call up Gunjan but her recorded message indicates that she’s in a meeting and would not be able to pick up the call.
“Varad I’m leaving for a while to get you some medicines ok?”
“I’ll be back in a short while”

Varad:(In a heavy voice) Don’t go Sha-ron…
Please (desperately catches my right hand and pulls me close) don’t leave me.
Presses my palm to his face and kisses my fingers gently and slowly.
(whispers)I love you. Tears leaving his eyes he dozes off.
I don’t know how to process that information and I try to free my hands from his clasp.
(Crying)Should I be happy or sad?
What should I do?
Right then Gunjan calls me on my mobile.
“Hey Sher wassap?”
“Gunjan can you please hurry up fast here.” (I wipe my tears) “Varad has a fever and he needs some medication prescribed by the doctor and he has also sprained his arm muscles because of me”
“Woah hey ok calm down. First it’s not your fault OK?
He’s the one with a major fault. I can’t tell you the details right now but I promise you he definitely will.”
Me: “Gujan you are confusing me”.
Gunjan:”Chuck that, just send me a pic of the medicines on WhatsApp I’m just on my way to his house.”
Me: “Ok.. just hurry up please”.
As soon as Gunjan arrives, I wipe my tears and explain the situation to her. She pats me on my back and chuckles saying I did good.
I chuckle back at the way she reacts right now.
She asks me to go back home as its already been late as 11:35 PM.
I assure to take an Ola back home and inform here when I reached back home and thank her desparately.
Gunjan: “Hey Bhagwan!What should I do with this idiotic brother of mine”(She intentionally shouts it out)
I totally miss out her statement being in my own messed up thoughts of a record playing “I love you” in Varad’s voice.
As I leave his house, Gunjan whispers in his ears “Rest is up-to you”

The next day Varad comes up to the office looking quite better.
Me:”Varad you should have taken a leave”
Varad” Oh I’m quite better now. By the way did I say something weird yesterday to you?”
Me:” Umm no.(i lie) But you were blabbering something which I couldn’t make out.”
Varad sighs in relief.
Varad:”Still let me say sorry and thank you too for dropping me at home and taking care of me”
Me: Don’t thank me, Thank your wife.

I run on the thread mill slowly thinking about the last night’s confession.
Varad ends up calling me to increase my running speed or I might fall off the thread mill.
Since I don’t react,he creeps in close by to end up seeing me bawling my eyes out.(crying sound was muffled due to the background music)
He’s shocked to see me in this state and stops the thread mill and shakes me asking:
Varad: “Whats wrong?” “Why are you crying”
Looking at him makes me cry more, I end up apologizing and running away from him.
He falls to the ground and realizes that I have heard his confession.

For the Christma Eve we decide to go to a club and celebrate our Christmas eve drinking and partying:
Madiha Thomas Gunjan, Suraj(Gunjan’s boy-friend) Varad.
Varad ends up drinking way too much and pulls me together with him to dance.
I try to avoid his offer but he still forces me to get up.
I end up falling onto his chest and he hugs me. We end up slow dancing on “Ed-Sheeran’s Perfect”.
I can hear and feel his hot breaths in my left ear.
He pulls me into a tighter hug. His pheromones are making me dizzy.
I might end up loosing my cool. I try to break free from his hug but he’s not letting me go.
Whispering in each others’s ears:
Varad: “Suraj here is actually Gunjan’s boyfriend”
Me: “What?”
Varad: “I’m not married to Gunjan.”
Me:”I know”
Varad:”if you know then why did you run away from me?”
Me: “Because you made your intentions clear”
Varad:”I know you heard me that day”
Me: “… yes I did”
Varad:”Let me show you my real intentions right now”

||Aadult tagu|| ||He pins me to a wall and slowly closes in the gap between our mouths.
Pressing my nape lightly closer towards himself he puts his mouth to mine and drowns me in his intoxicated kiss.
My left hand ends up running across his soft silky hair and my right hand clasping his back for support as I return his kiss.
Both our hearts beating in sync, time is standing still, there’s nothing more I want from this world.
We both break our kiss, catching our breath, flushed and vulnerable.
I can make out that he’s sober now but that’s not gonna stop him from violently kissing me again.
I feel weak in my knees and I’m about to give up on standing anymore, he grabs my hips just over my butt and I let out a moan.
he grabs this opportunity to kiss me harder. I feel hot all over my body as our lips part.||
And we keep on staring into each others eyes.

The office has held a Christmas Party.
For this event, I decide to leave my hair with a single small side braid, and wear a strapless red dress along with matching red lipstick.
People find if difficult to believe that I had slimmed down this much.
It has been a year and I have lost approximately 30 kilos.

Pankti jealous after listening to Madiha and Thomas gossiping about us (me and Varad’s) last night’s steamy kiss scene description ends up asking me if i was wearing a shape wear?
Me: (I answer) “Maybe (wink)”

Furiously she ends up using a swiss knife to cut my dress on my back, revealing my bare skin with a hint of blood oozing out.
She gasps revealing herself as the culprit behind the scene.
Varad removes his blazer and wraps it around my shoulders hiding my bare shoulders and the cut in my dress.
Two Birds one stone.
I kinda feel satisfied looking at him jelous trying to protect me from everyone’s gaze.
Suddenly “Can’t help falling in love Cover-by Kina Grannis” starts playing.
Everyone starts dancing in a pair, when in the middle of nowhere, Varad pulls out a ring and bends down on one knee
Proposing to me:
“Will you marry me?”
Varad: Coz I feel in love with you the first time I saw you.

She says “Yes” and they end up marrying and living happily ever after.
They give birth to fraternal twins: Vanessa and Shardul.

IRL In real life
POV: point of View
Zumba: form of dance to lose weight
Tanabata: Quick workout session for short intervals to lose weight (similar to High Intensity Training)
IKR : I know Right
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
Drag Queens: dressed as Girls (usually males) dressing up as girls displaying feminism
Emo: Emotional individuals characterized by dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and skinny jeans
Septum ring:A type of nose ring worn like a U shape peircing the lower nose cartilage.
Fairy Tail (Anime): characters: Natsu and Erza
Pucca: (Anime) Cute Chinese looking doll with side roll buns like mickey mouse has a crush on Gara a ninja in the same series.
Gara runs away from Pucca blushing red head to toe whenever she tries to kiss him.
Caffe serving drinks on the basisf customers image:manga reference (Biyaku Cafe) (fair warning it’s a smut manga)
Karaby and Aa ANte: Famous Telugu songs with good beats
Itou Junji: Famous author known for his horror mangas
Body-con dress: sticks to be body revealing your body shape.

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