Samuel Joins Toho High

“Alright! By the time I come to class tomorrow, All of your assignments have to be ready on my table. Is that clear?” Mr. Smith, the Biology Teacher, made a smart move of avoiding teaching certain parts of the Reproduction Chapter in class by letting the students study by themselves. The majority of the students had no choice but to comply, even though they would prefer the chapter be taught out in the open by their teacher.

However, there was one student in class who had no idea what the other students were talking about. Samuel had clear instructions from his guardians that he should not stand out or be classified as weird by his classmates. He should act normal and restrain from using his powers no matter what.

The bell rings and the corridor is quickly filled with students chatting on their way back home. Samuel’s bizarre feelings haven’t left him ever since he joined the school. Everything around him feels so alien to him….
“I swear to God, I heard it, guys! I’m not going crazy!” “You must have drunk too much that time, there’s no way in hell that such things would be heard in our school. It’s just a rumor.” Berg said “Oh. Then why don’t we sneak in this night and I’ll show you?” “Hehe. We’re not so into drinking as you are. Are you crazy? We could get expelled!” Said Kastrom “If you guys come with me, I’ll not tell Mr.Smith that it was you guys who drew the figure with curvy parts in his textbook”

It is at 12 am. Rin, Kastrom, and Berg managed to sneak in the School premises by sliding themselves through a small gap between the transformer barricade and the wall. The guard was snoring loudly, seated in his chair behind the main gate. With the duplicate Master Key Rin possessed, they proceeded towards the rooftop of the school building. The rooftop had a greenhouse that was locked, barely. A middle schooler with a pin can easily break-in.

They went inside and were continuing to walk. But Rin whispered to them that it’s better to tip-toe and hide behind one of the tables in the extreme right corner of the room, away from the door. They were on standby for 15 mins. Kastom was about to fall asleep, drool in his mouth when suddenly, they hear footsteps heading to the greenhouse. They couldn’t see who came in but they could hear them speaking.

“Psst! Quiet down, man! If we screw this one up, we’ll not hear the end of it from the boss!” Two men tip-toed to the extreme left of the room and opened their black bag and brought ‘it’ out in front of them to set the timer right. “1:30 am should be alright. It should give us time to quickly make a run for it and be out of the premises before everything here becomes ashes”
These words sent shivers down their spines as they try to plan out how they were going to escape from here without the two men noticing them. As they were trying to escape, they were caught. As the men were threatening them to throw them off the roof while they were escaping, a strange figure comes dropping on them from the sky and into the greenhouse, smashing a part of the glass roof…

“Samuel??! How the hell did you find us here??” Rin screeched “Uhm… I overheard you guys speaking… and this girl here was talking pretty loud”
“Rin, I swear to God, if we miraculously get out of here alive, I’m going to tie you in a chair and gag you up!” screams Kastrom. “Oh God Kastrom, even in this situation, you can’t control yourself from thinking of weird fetishes?”
“Wait, I don’t mean that…” “Guys, this is not a freaking gag manga in which time slows down when the main characters are having an internal conflict before they’re about to die! The bomb’s going to go off in 45 mins. If we don’t do something fast, we’re dead meat!” shouts Berg. “Damn! I don’t want to get reincarnated as a slime!”

One of the men, pointing a pistol at them says “Alright, That’s enough of your tantrums! Now move it!” Samuel comes in between them and says “Leave them alone. I can take you on with my bare hands” “Why you insolent bra…” Samuel cuts him off by grabbing his gun and breaks it in two. The guy gasped at his maneuver, The other started shooting. While Rin, Kastrom, and Berg were frozen, unable to move or speak, Samuel blocked the bullets with his quick hand reflexes, grabs the gun, and squeezes it. The men, falling down to the floor, were in total shock in what they saw and started shivering, gasping at Samuel.

Samuel points at one of them and says “You! Stop the timer at once! If you know what’s good for you” Remembering that he had another pistol at his disposal, one of the men aimed to shoot at the three friends. Samuel quickly reacts to this and swiftly moves in between them to catch the bullet in his hands. The other, took his knife and charges on Samuel, trying to injure him while he’s distracted. But Samuel was too fast for his plan to work. He quickly dodges the knife and strikes him at the gut with his fist. Seeing his comrade lying on the ground unconscious, the man with the pistol, decided to make a run for it. Sensing his resolve, Samuel quickly grabs his arm and throws him towards the glass wall, breaking a few glass pieces in the process. Samuel then lifts him up by grabbing his throat and softly says with an eerie voice “Now, if you don’t want yourself become a pile of bones, I’d suggest you make yourself useful by stopping that timer”

The man, scared out of his wits, agrees to do as said. While he was busy defusing the bomb, he was thinking to himself on how he couldn’t believe what he just saw. ‘A guy grabbing a bullet with his bare hands?! What the hell is he?!’ While this was going on, Rin, Kastrom, and Berg are still frozen, unable to speak. Looking at the floor, Rin noticed a puddle below where Berg is standing stiff…

After a while, the security guard came, realized what had happened, and called the principal. 2 hours later, the men were secured in handcuffs and were sent off in a police van. The following day, the three friends saw Samuel walking as they entered the school gate.

Rin, running up to Samuel, with gleaming eyes, said “SAMUEL!! I can’t thank you enough for saving us yesterday! How did you come from the sky? How did you move so quickly and be unharmed by the bullets fired at you? How? How? How? Please tell me!!!” Samuel felt that he was caught red-handed and sensing he had no way out of this predicament. Later in the evening, they went into an empty classroom and he began explaining everything.

The three friends stood with their mouths open wide “NO WAY!! You’re kidding me right?? Did you really just say that you were from another planet and a couple found you as a baby, abandoned in the middle of nowhere, thinking that this is the best chance for them to raise a child as they’re impotent??” said Berg “My mother named me Samuel after their dead cat. She felt my skin tone looked just as black as the cat”
“Uhmm… That was a little weird. And racist” said Kastrom Samuel, with fear in his eyes, spoke “Listen, guys! You can’t say this to anyone, please! I don’t want to give any trouble to my parents. It’s for them! I want to keep this as private as possible. No one else should know about this!”

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Rin thought for a while and had an idea. Realizing how strong Samuel is, she thought she could use this opportunity to settle an old score. During break time, she discussed this idea with Kastrom and Berg.

“What?? You’re going to make Samuel fight with Raymond?? Are you Crazy?? Both said in unison “C’mon guys. Did you really think I would let him go, after the embarrassment he gave me! He was spreading this rumor to everyone in that he saw me fooling around with one of the teachers in the greenhouse, as a reason for the sounds we heard there!” “Oh c’mon Rin, why don’t you drop it already? Everyone in school now knows the truth about the sounds (The sounds were caused by the two men who were entering the greenhouse, again and again, a few days prior to that day, for rehearsing their plan). Sure we thought it was just a rumor, but we know now right?” said Kastrom

“Ever since that rumor started spreading about in the entire school, I couldn’t go about walking freely in school. People started calling me ‘Horny Waste bin’. He has ruined my life here. I’m not going to let him get away with it!”

When the gang met up with Samuel after school and told him the condition, satisfying which, they would keep their word of not blurting out his secret. He agreed, but with a slight resentment and embarrassment. Raymond, being a boxer himself, confidently agreed to Rin’s request. The day of the fight has arrived as the two combatants enter the school boxing ring with their boxing gear fully strapped on. The gang of three was present among the spectators, cheering for their savior aloud. Little did they know that Raymond had played a dirty trick on Samuel by adding a huge dosage of sleeping pills in his water bottle before the match began. Raymond, even though was confident to win the fight, was a bit concerned with the talks of Samuel’s strength in the school and he wanted a backup in case he failed to defeat him on his own.

Samuel had drunk the water from that bottle before the match started and is now starting to feel groggy. A normal human being would be out cold immediately with that much dosage of sleeping pills, but Samuel still held on. He tries his best to make his fists make contact with Raymond’s body but it misses. Raymond quickly gets the hold on the match by punching Samuel repeatedly in his gut and sends him flying by an uppercut on his face. Samuel is not hurt much by Raymond’s attacks, but the effects of the sleeping pills are taking its toll on him. He’s lying on the ground, desperately trying to keep his eyes open. On seeing this, Rin was struck with an idea. While Raymond charges to attack Samuel to end the match, Rin calls out for Raymond and lifts up her shirt, revealing her cleavage, bare naked. Witnessing that, Raymond’s eyes sprung out from its sockets and blood oozed out from his nose. Using this opportunity, Samuel quickly gathers himself to deliver a strong uppercut on Raymond’s face, sending him flying towards the roof, breaking it. He crash lands on the ring, out cold. Samuel claimed the victory and the three friends ran towards him. Kastom and Berg lifted him on their shoulders, cheering a loud hip hip hooray and taking him around the ring. Too excited by his feat, they didn’t even realize that Samuel was sound asleep was on the verge of falling down.

Rin was pretty excited too. But little did she know that due to the little stunt she performed to distract Raymond, she did not manage to stop people from teasing her. In fact, all she achieved was a suffix to her nickname: “Horny Waste Bin, the Lewd Master”.

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